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Producing the LEAP to Prosperity Virtual Summit for Women has awakened my passion for developing a thriving culture of women that are inspired & motivated to take their lives to the next level. I believe women are at the tipping point of bringing peace & prosperity to this turbulent world.  

My definition for prosperity is embracing a healthy, meaningful & thriving life.   

I started my journey to advocate for & empower women in the late 90’s when I produced a STARR Course for at-risk teen girls. I developed & co-facilitated life & leadership courses for women & in 2008 I acquired my professional coaching certification. I’ve since been certified in many other coaching disciplines.    

In 2015, I co-authored and published an Amazon bestselling self-help book for women, RE-The Wisdom in Rethinking Your Life! The book is filled with short stories from women who participated in our leadership course to overcome their childhood challenges & become prosperity-driven women. Many of these same women are contributing their time & passion to the success of this Summit. This is all for you! 

An Interview with Brooke James, The Grief Coach 

Brooke shares on her platform & in her podcasts that, most people don’t learn about death...until they have to! Brooke's father was diagnosed with cancer & six months later he was in hospice.  

Brooke is an independent advisor, coach & podcaster based in New York City. She founded her own consulting agency & just under a year into this new endeavor, she enrolled in the executive coaching program at New York University to better serve her clients. 

Amazon Care featured The Grief Coach as an expert in what to say to someone who is grieving. 

Brooke is also highly involved in fundraising for the advancement of cancer research & treatment for rare cancer at Memorial Sloan Kettering. After losing her father, she could not find any resources that met her needs, as a millennial, thus The Grief Coach was borne.  

She has a successful podcast with a mission to expose the listener to different grief experiences, designed for us all to learn to be more empathetic towards each other around death & dying.  

Weathering Life’s Storms
7 Strategies to Recover from Any Storm

Beth was a divorced mom with two babies, relying on food stamps to buy formula & living in a second-floor apartment with few amenities. Through her resilience & perseverance she overcame her adversity to become an award-winning entrepreneur, popular author, speaker & frequent media guest.

She spent four years teaching with the Steve Harvey Success Institute on the topics of leadership, time management & personal success. She’s the founder of the SHIFT Program & Leadership Academy for Women. She’s received the Pittsburgh Magazine “40 Under 40” Award for being an innovative young leader & was recently honored with the Woman of Courage Award. Beth is the author of ten books on the topics of inspiration, leadership & success.  

Audiences around the globe enjoy Beth's candid style & refreshing truth-telling approach to life and leadership. Her most recent book is Women, LEAD! Influential & Effective Strategies for Women Who Lead at Work, at Home & in the Community. Beth is a leadership role model to every woman she touches.   

Authentic Inaction™
Undoing the Doing in a Do Crazy World

Renee describes herself as a recovering workaholic & ‘doing’ addict who left her executive-level leadership role in biotech to give herself a genuine shot at doing work that mattered most to her heart. What drives her today is the opportunity to equip women from all walks of life to thrive, living with more purpose, joy & grace.

Today, she’s an international thought leader, playing at the intersection of business & psychology. She is on a mission of revolutionizing the way we work, play & relate to one another. In 2019 she took her story to the TEDX Stage. Her talk called Authentic Inaction™ Undoing the Doing in A Do Crazy World has recently reached 500K views. It is here that Renée began a journey to demystify our culture's obsession with busyness & ‘doing’.  

She’s published articles on coaching & leadership which have been featured in publications such as Fortune, Financial Times & Elephant Journal. Renee is co-authoring a book called The Art & Truth of Transformation for Women which will be released this October.  

Her workshop will open the eyes & hearts of women who do too much, to discover that who they are is not just measured by what they ‘do’ or achieve. 

The Heal Yourself House Call:
Discover the Root of True Healing From the Inside-Out

After complete burnout following her training, Dr. Kyia considered retiring from medicine. She was losing faith in just treating “symptoms” & never seeing true lasting change in her patients, so she began exploring other innovative healing methods. She became committed to integrating the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual components of health.

Dr. Kyia was determined to find tools for herself and her patients that would heal pain and disease rather than put a band-aid on them. She clearly recognized the gaps within the traditional medicine modality & began exploring ways to treat the ‘whole’ woman, taking into consideration the emotional & spiritual aspects of physical health. 

Dr. Kyia’s mission is to support and encourage women in discovering who they truly are, mind/body/spirit. As women heal all aspects of themselves, to reclaim their wholeness, their bodies & lives will begin to come into balance with an overall feeling of health & well-being.  

My Extraordinary Transformation from a Career in Engineering to Integral Coach 

After a long successful career in engineering, resulting in her emotional, physical & mental burnout, Kara’s recovery was sparked when she began belly-dancing. Through dancing, she rediscovered her body after years of living in her head. 

What Kara learned on her journey is one of the best kept secrets. Our brain’s primary function is to keep us safe often holding us back us from taking risk & experiencing adventure.      

As an Integral Coach, she brings principles & practices from both ancient & modern wisdom into her work & provides a framework to support women in developing & embracing their wholeness.   

Her workshop developed exclusively for this Summit will inspire the participants to begin their own journey to integrate their minds, hearts & bodies through self-compassion & nurturance.   

Break Your Silence to Find Your Authentic Voice

We’re honored to host Maureen’s workshop for women to reclaim their authentic voice & reconnect with their personal power.

Maureen’s commitment to becoming a coach, with a focus on self-care & stress mastery, was borne from her own experience struggling to reconnect with her personal power & align with her authentic ways that are inspiring, inclusive & invigorating.     

With her love of learning & a degree in human services, certificates in coaching, counseling women, adult education & stress mastery, she is uniquely equipped to assist women who live with the challenge of feeling silenced to find & use their authentic voice again.   

Although she’s in high demand as a coach for organizations in Northern Canada, Maureen is most inspired & energized working with groups of women who long to create trusting support networks & find their courage to speak their truth, powerfully & inclusively.  

Finding Balance on Your Magical, Midlife, Menopause Journey - Keeping it all Together Through the ‘Change’

Dr. Arianna is a double-boarded Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Obstetrics & Gynecology Specialist. She is a speaker, mid-life coach & best-selling author of The Menopause Myth: What your mother, doctor, and friends haven’t shared with you about life after 35. She is the founder & medical director of Tula Wellness & Aesthetics. 

She has devoted the second half of her career to helping women navigate their journey to & through menopause. Her passion to educate women has grown from her own self-discovery that even as a gynecologist, she was completely unprepared for this journey. 

Dr. Arianna is passionate about shedding light on what has been a taboo subject. Her mission is to educate and inspire women to live their most vibrant & 'juicy' lives. Her workshops focus on helping women understand the hormonal, emotional, physical & even spiritual changes on this incredible passage into mid-life. 

We’re honored to have Dr. Arianna as a part of this Summit, to give us an opportunity to reframe this significant stage in a woman’s life...not just surviving but thriving through the ‘Change’.  

Food Freedom
The Anti-Diet Approach

Bobbi spent half her life fighting her weight, which set the stage for her mission. Today, her clients are professional women who have tried every diet in 'the book' & view exercise as punishment.

Her 360-degree approach looks beyond exercise & diet, considering critical things like emotional state, environment & the story we tell ourselves around body & health, that may be the most significant factor in whether we’re making progress or not.

Bobbi's concept involves getting to a place internally that makes healthy food choices & quality movement second nature & no longer a burden, but a way of life. 

Bobbi’s certifications from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition & the Institute for Eating Psychology, along with training in Reiki & Qi Gong are all integral parts of her unique approach.

We are grateful to have Bobbi as a presenter & a host. She’s an inspiration & always leads with compassion & understanding, encouraging others to live a healthy, meaningful & abundant life.  

Aging Vibrantly from
Child-Bearing Years to Menopause & Beyond

Lynn has overcome many personal health & life struggles, drawing on her inspiration & resilience, to bring herself back to her optimum body & health. Both personally & as a Nurse Practitioner, she lost faith in traditional medicine. During her pregnancies, she suffered with post-partum depression. The traditional medical treatment was a prescription for an anti-depressive medication.

What happens when East meets West? Lynn came to America as a child on a boat from Vietnam with her family. She assimilated into American society & flourished in pursuing the American dream.

Her many accomplishments include a Master of Science in Nursing at UCLA in Family Practice & Board Certified as an Anti-Aging Health Practitioner. She also has extensive experience in bio-identical hormone replacement & pharmaceutical grade supplements & herbal therapy.

Lynn is extremely energetic & engaging storyteller. She’ll openly share her real-life experiences, how she overcame her own health & personal struggles, all designed to encourage & support you in discovering for yourself the path to a holistic lifestyle & your optimum mind, body & vibrancy.

Is Your Energy Zapped?
Discover the Top 10 Energy Zappers + Simple Solutions to a More Vibrant Life Today! 

After her third miscarriage & feeling ‘energy zapped’, Shawna knew she had to change her image of wellness. As a physical therapist, she understood how to help her patients set health goals & reach them, but she could see she herself was traveling down the ‘normal’ road to dis-ease. 

Finding herself at the end of the road, she decided feeling just ‘normal’ was highly overrated, she rejected Western Medicine & began to take a more holistic path—one that led her to experiencing spiritual, emotional & physical well-being.   

Today, Shawna as a Certified Life Coach & Holistic Health & Wellness Educator is on a mission to turn every woman’s idea of ‘normal’ on its head. She will guide them to living an exceptional life.  

Her workshop for this Summit will support & encourage women in creating, implementing & achieving a more profound approach to their personal health goals. The results will be decreased stress, more energy & be & do what they love.  

Nurture & Nourish
A Radical Approach to Health & Well-Being

Linda Joy Benn fought cancer, chronic fatigue, autoimmune disease & an eating disorder…without serious medical intervention.

She is an International Wellness Alchemist & Industry Leader in the consciousness revolution. Her mission is to empower women to thrive, leading them to a healthy & abundant life, empowered to heal their bodies & their souls, free of suffering & at peace.

Linda has the expertise, knowledge & commitment to help women restore good health, by combining her vast experience in holistic healing and training. The BENN Method™ founded by Linda Benn is a compilation of her 20 years as a practitioner, coach & facilitator, to help women go from trauma to thriving to Release, Re-align, Restore, Rebalance & Re-energize (the 5R Method) their bodies & their lives.      

Linda is an extraordinary teacher & healer, passionate about the work she’s doing in the world, traveling between Australia & the U.S. to share her program to support women in becoming the authentic, radiant expression of all they were designed to be. 

A Live Interview With  John Gray, PhD

John Gray, PhD is the author of the most well-known and trusted relationship book of all time, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. USA Today listed his book as one of the top 10 most influential books of the last quarter century. Dr. Gray’s books are translated into approximately 45 languages in more than 100 countries and continues to be a bestseller.

Dr. Gray has written over 20 books. His most recent book is Beyond Mars and Venus: New Relationship Skills for our Complex Modern World. His Mars/Venus book series has forever changed the way men and women view their relationships. 

John helps men and women better understand and respect their differences in both personal and professional relationships. His approach combines specific communication techniques with healthy, nutritional choices that create the brain and body chemistry for lasting health, happiness, and romance. 


3 Steps to Building Resilience & Reinventing Your Life
A Nature-Based Approach to Thriving After Divorce 

Mindy is a certified Nature-Connected Coach. After her own hurtful and conflicted divorce experience, the challenges in the aftermath were overwhelming. She became the single parent of a special need’s child, the sole owner of a home needing extreme repairs and upkeep & now totally responsible for paying all living expenses.

During this period in her life, she discovered that her personal connection with nature was critical to the healing of her mind, body & soul.  

With divorce being so prevalent and debilitating in women’s lives, she decided to use her own experience and healing to focus her work on empowering women to bounce back from adversity, by coaching them to build their resilience, creating a renewed spirit & vitality supported by the healing benefits of nature.  

Establishing Healthy Boundaries in the Workplace
How to Ward Off Bullies, Bad Bosses & Energy Vampires & Reclaim Your Power  

When Shannon first started her corporate career, she felt susceptible to absorbing other’s negative energy. She experienced a lot of anxiety, often taking it home to her family. These feelings of powerlessness also diminished Shannon’s productivity. Once she shared her struggles, she discovered that many of her peers were having some of the same stressful issues.

As a career consultant, Shannon strategizes with, and encourages women to reclaim their power by establishing strong boundaries to ward off the bullies, bad bosses & energy vampires, experience career fulfillment, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.  

She is the creator of the Spark Resume Template, the author of The Spark Method: Networking Your Way to Your Next Position, and is a speaker, writer & educator on the topic of career transition & professional development. 

Shannon created this workshop exclusively for our Summit where each participant will receive a resumé template to build-on their accomplishments. 

Are You Juggling Kids, Career & Life Without Any Self-Care? Discover 7 Strategies to Thrive Despite Your Challenges!

We’re honored to host this exclusive workshop for Moms brought to you by Patty Maxwell, who is a Mom, Child Behavior Specialist, Parenting Coach & Business Owner. In this workshop, you’ll discover 7 strategies to thrive despite your challenges today!

Patty’s commitment to becoming a Licensed Behavioral Therapist & Parenting Coach stemmed from her own experience coping with her young daughter’s learning challenges. She found it extremely difficult to find support & services that really helped mothers go from struggling to coping while still making time for their own self-care. 

With graduate degrees in special education and infant mental health, she is uniquely equipped to assist families with kids who live with learning disabilities or emotional & behavioral disorders. 

Although she’s in high demand as a behavioral consultant for schools nationwide, Patty is most inspired & empowered working hands-on with parents & kids to successfully engage & navigate their daily lives.   

The Brain Boss Blueprint for Women™
How to Override the Brain’s Default State of Fear & Negativity

Trauma wired her brain for a lifelong state of fight or flight. Patrice had a turbulent early childhood, a victim of abuse & neglect. She suffered multiple brain injuries & at age 17 had a near death experience in ICU after surgery. Due to trauma, she developed a rare mental health condition, but didn’t realize it until decades later. Brain challenges negatively impacted her emotionally, relationally & financially.

Patrice is passionate about helping women become the boss of their brains to transform their lives, just as she has done. She went on to become an award-winning Coach who has worked with Fortune 100 companies, captured stages, empowered thousands of business owners & individuals & wrote a bestselling book called RISE to Success: The Secret Power of Your Brain to Change Your Life.

In her workshop, Patrice will clarify how your brain is the missing piece between achieving what you’re worth or sabotaging yourself. The Brain Boss Blueprint for Women combines neuroscience & the body-mind connection. It’s the difference between your brain staying on autopilot or you taking charge of what you think, see, say & feel. Knowing is the key to mastering your emotions & ultimately thriving in all areas of your life.

Increase Your Influence & Your Income
With The Course Launchpad™

Malia has used her incredible technological abilities in building LEAP to Prosperity Virtual Summit for Women™ digital marketing. She has been diligent in learning the new skills necessary, with various applications, to put something this sophisticated together...with dozens of moving parts.

Malia came to the profession of coaching with a background in mental health & entrepreneurship, hoping it would be the perfect combination to develop a successful coaching practice. She soon realized the challenges & struggles in building a thriving practice.  
In seeking a path to her own success as a coach, she discovered online course creation. Malia realized she could capitalize on her knowledge & coaching skills to strategize with other coaches to leverage their passion & coaching expertise with an online presence & an evergreen course...which can sell over & over again once it’s produced.  

We are excited to offer this workshop to coaches, who want to demonstrate their expertise on a certain topic. Malia can also offer you an option of how she can help build your online course with modules & challenges & have it marketed through our Create A Thriving Life Story™ Community 

An Interview in Landing Your Dream Job
The Value of Career Interview Coaching 

Eilish shares she was born & raised in Ireland in the mirror image of “Little Women”, four sisters in a loving home. 

Today, she is a professionally trained Conflict Management Coach & describes her role as peacebuilding one person at a time. Her coaching philosophy holds that each of us has within us the resources & potential for self-understanding & change. 

Eilish is amongst a small number of coaches worldwide who’ve acquired their MCC accreditation with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She also received her certification in Conversational Intelligence®.  

She has specialized training in Competency-Based Interviewing & has been a chairperson on many interview boards. In developing her career coaching role, she held training sessions for a wide range of staff, some of which had not interviewed for years, with 98% success rates in landing jobs. She applies her skills in Conversational Intelligence® to the interviewing process.   

Optimize Your Business & Your Life with Core Values
Strategies for an Engaged, Productive Enterprise

Christine’s commitment to women was triggered by her own abusive childhood, living in a house with three sexual abusers. She recovered from depression & suicidal ideation, overcoming her childhood trauma to be named Empowered Woman of the Year 2020 & Top Business Coach of 2019.

Christine is CEO of her own coaching & consulting business. She is a certified Core Values (CVI) Coach with Taylor Protocols & facilitates women in Small & Medium Business to thrive & lead their companies in optimizing their business success, using the CVI Assessment to build engaged & productive teams.   

She is the coauthor of a recently released book, Cracking the Rich Code™, Vol. 4 with Jim Britt & Kevin Harrington, endorsed by Tony Robbins.  

Christine is also passionate about safety & justice for women. Her Amazon’s #1 New Release Life Beyond #MeToo: Creating a Safer World for Our Mothers, Daughters, Sisters & Friends was endorsed by Marshall Goldsmith. 

We are privileged to have Christine bring her work to this Summit to demonstrate the core values for women to adopt, to be at the top of their game in business & in life.  

An Interview in The Neuroscience of Prosperity for Women

In what ways do women consider the possibilities in living prosperously vs how men hold it? Is success defined differently by women? 

David has uniquely integrated the mind and brain sciences with strategic coaching to help professionals achieve & sustain peak performance.  His book, The Secret Language of Money is a business bestseller translated into 10 languages.     

Women will learn how to apply human dynamics, psychology, and neuroscience to create essential transformations of their life, money, career, relationship & wellness stories, that will make a difference for the rest of their lives. 

MentorPath® is a proven system created by David Krueger, MD for measurable improvements of productivity & performance. Products & services are designed for your success and honed over three decades to help professionals create strategies to master changes of mind, brain & behavior to make changes that last. 

Calming the Chaos
One Micro-Mindful Moment (MM&M) at a Time

Eight years ago, when Rose started her journey to recovery from a life-threatening illness, self-care, focus & intentionality were critical. Taking one step at a time, she soon realized she could turn any thought, any action into a micro-mindful moment. When returning to work, she continued to insert these short mindful moments throughout her day to recharge her energy and reset her focus.

Rose is a supervisor and facilitator for a child protective agency in California, where she delivers training to essential workers & first-responders. In a high-stress environment & uncertain world, mindfulness & self-care are crucial skills to develop work-life balance, build resilience & maintain a healthy well-being. 

She is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist & is certified in Conversational Intelligence®, Narrative Coaching, Color Code® Personality Science & coauthor of an Amazon bestseller. 

In her Summit workshop, Rose demonstrates you don't have to spend hours meditating to reap the benefits of mindfulness. Simply inserting a few MM&M's throughout your day will calm the chaos & re-energize you. 

Mirroring Metaphors in Coaching™
Celebrating our Creativity

In her early twenties, Janet survived a near-death experience that blinded her for several days. As the light slowly returned, she saw new colors, shapes & forms. With the return of her vision, she saw her life through a new lens, a new perspective. 

Her inspiration for “Mirroring Metaphors” came from her this experience & living & working with Native American tribes. She became fascinated with weaving & the process of symbolism the Southwest tribes incorporated into their cultural art. Their visions for the design came from within as spontaneous expressions of their reality. 

Janet has a Doctoral Degree in Human Development, a Master’s Degree in Organizational Systems & Counseling & she’s a Certified Life Coach & Yoga Therapist.

In her workshop on Day 5, Janet offers a wealth of experience & training as each of you weave your own unique tapestry. 

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