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September 23rd - 27th 2020
LEAP to Prosperity FREE Virtual Summit for Women™ 

ReDefine. ReStrengthen. ReVitalize.

You’re invited to this extraordinary free event to redefine your goals & aspirations, restrengthen yourself & your relationships...& revitalize your life. 

Each day represents a journey into one of the 4 major areas of life.  Upon registering for the Summit, you'll receive your free copy of A Woman’s Journey to Prosperity™ -Your Guide to Transforming Your Life Emotionally, Physically, Relationally & Financially. 

How much of the PIE of Life are you ready to reach for? 
This Summit is the place for women to explore the possibilities in reclaiming their passion & purpose to achieve their prosperity. It is a 5-day groundbreaking event into personal & professional development. 

Special Bonus
 A Live Interview With John Gray, PhD

Register now to see Dr. Gray, creator of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, in a live interview at the Summit on September 24th at 1:30 PM PDT. He will be interviewed by our host, Renée Dineen, ICF-PCC & Organizational Psychologist.

John Gray, PhD is the author of the most well-known and trusted relationship book of all time, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. USA Today listed his book as one of the top 10 most influential books of the last quarter century. His books are translated into approximately 45 languages in more than 100 countries and continues to be a bestseller.

Dr. Gray has written over 20 books. His most recent one is Beyond Mars and Venus: New Relationship Skills for our Complex Modern World. His Mars/Venus book series has forever changed the way men and women view & experience their relationships. 
Emotional Health
Day 1 on Sept. 23rd
See Gloria’s Story BIO on Speaker page.   

Live Workshop:
Are You Playing Not to Lose or Playing to Win in Your Life? 

We all unconsciously self-sabotage every day. It’s the human condition. This workshop is for women who want to break through their sabotages to discover what it will take from them to be playing to win.

Gloria is an extraordinary life-changing coach who has transformed the lives of women & teen girls for over 25 years. For her, producing LEAP to Prosperity Virtual Summit for Women evolved out of a vision to provide a platform for women empowering women. She believes women are the tipping point of peace & prosperity in the world.  

Her clients recognize, self-sabotage plays an enormous role in derailing progress toward their goals. Each time we unconsciously obstruct what we set out to accomplish, it sets us back. We’ve all been there! The healing comes from learning to recognize it in the moment.  

In this workshop, Gloria will share 3 crucial STEPS to set yourself free & begin playing to win...thriving in all areas of your life.  
Are Your Current Circumstances Keeping You Stuck?
Through her own personal life experiences, Beth learned what it means to step out of your comfort zone, in the middle of challenging circumstances. She discovered she had to develop her own support network to create a bigger vision for herself, so she founded Pittsburgh Professional Women (PPW) & Leadership Academy for Women.

What Beth brings to the women who have weathered their own storms is the resilience & spirit of a champion. Her leadership style is both bold & generous to the women she leads & coaches.  

During your lifetime, you’ll experience & live through several storms, some more serious than others. Through her own stormy experiences & her years working with women’s leadership programs, she’s developed some reliable recovery strategies for you to use.  

What you’ll hear & discover for yourself in this high-energy workshop... 
  • How to bounce back from the most difficult circumstances 
  • ​Accept that everything happens for a reason
  • ​Stop obsessing over what other’s think you should be doing  
  • ​Take things one day at a time, moment by moment
  • ​Participate in personal development 
  • ​The importance of being a role model 
See Beth’s Story BIO on Speaker page.

What are You Tolerating in Your Life?
After a long successful career in engineering, resulting in emotional, physical & mental burnout, Kara’s recovery was sparked when she began belly-dancing. Through dancing, she rediscovered her body after years of living in her head.

Kara chose belly-dancing & it worked for her. You’ll discover other creative ways to unwind your nervous system just by listening to your body & trusting your gut instincts. And, Kara’s sage advice is when you’re feeling stuck, join a community of women & ask for support.   

One of the keys to transformation (a dynamic work in progress) is to bring your head, heart & body into alignment. That’s why physical movement is so central to your overall well-being.  

In Kara’s workshop, you’ll discover THE TRIAD... 
  • Powerful Wisdom
  • ​Sensuality/Creativity 
  • ​Compassion for Self & Others  
You’ll be inspired to begin your own journey to integrate your mind, heart & body through self-compassion & nurturance.

See Kara's Story BIO on Speaker page.
Could This be Your Time to Reclaim Your Energy & Vitality?
Discover the Root of True Healing from the Inside-Out

Dr. Kyia is a Board-Certified OB/GYN who has a unique perspective on self-healing...& she makes virtual house calls. She will introduce Orgasmic Living which means living your life fully with joy & heartfelt gratitude.

During this Pandemic, women have lost their energy & vitality...joie de vivre. Experiencing the negative circumstances surrounding us day after day causes stress & trauma, which depletes our minds, bodies & spirits.     

After losing faith in traditional medicine, Dr. Kyia went on a mission, to support & encourage women in discovering who they truly are, mind/body/spirit. As women heal all aspects of themselves, to reclaim their wholeness, their bodies & lives will begin to come into balance with an overall feeling of health & wellbeing.    

Her Orgasmic Living concept means you, having enough energy & vitality to overcome the stress & begin to completely enjoy your daily activities by embracing the idea that you have the power to heal yourself.  

She will share a 5-step daily practice that will infuse you with high-vibration, inviting the Universe to bring in something even greater than you’ve ever asked for. Dr. Kyia says, “You deserve to live an absolutely orgasmic life!” 

See Dr. Kyia's Story BIO on Speaker page.  
Are You Overwhelmed by the ‘Doing’?
Renee first presented her concept to the world called Authentic Inaction™ on the TEDX Stage, which has recently reached 500K views.

Renee is an International Speaker & Thought Leader traveling all over the world for years, where she was constantly on the move doing & doing more.   

Authentic Inaction™ is first & foremost a practice of slowing down, being with & letting go of our bias towards action.  

In this workshop, Renee will share her 4-STEPS to implement the practice so you can more consistently & wholeheartedly take authentic action as much as possible in your personal & professional life.  
  • Step 1 - Becoming Aware
  • ​Step 2 - Adoption of 3 Beliefs 
  • Step 3 - Who Am I & What Am I to Do 
  • Step 4 - Falling & Choosing Again
You’ll explore the ‘DOING’ dilemma, its effects on your life, a more feminine & authentic way to approach your ‘doing’ life & what your dominant ‘DOER” type may be. 

Renee’s workshop will open the eyes & hearts of women who do too much, to discover that who they are is not just measured by what they ‘do’ or achieve.  

See Renee’s BIO Story on the Speaker page.
An Interview with Brooke James,
The Grief Coach 
This interview with Brooke James, Grief Coach & Millennial Podcast Master is hosted by Renee Dineen, a TEDx Speaker & Executive Coach.  

Brooke shares on her platform & in her podcasts that, most people don’t learn about death...until they have to! Brooke's father was diagnosed with cancer & six months later he was in hospice.  

She's here to talk to you in a straightforward way about all the things that accompany death, in many cases never spoken. It’s a subject that both men & women are uncomfortable with, but it’s a fact of life. Every single one of us will lose someone we love & every single one of us will leave someone behind that loved us.   
Brooke is also highly involved in fundraising for the advancement of cancer research & treatment for rare cancer at Memorial Sloan Kettering. After losing her father, she could not find any resources that met her needs, as a millennial, thus The Grief Coach was borne. 

She has a successful podcast with a mission to expose the listener to different grief experiences, designed for us all to learn to be more empathic towards each other around death & dying. In the conversation between Brooke & Renee during this interview, they’ll also explore some practical tips about end-of-life issues.  

See Brooke’s BIO Story on the Speaker page.

Is Your Voice Being Heard Today?
How to Reclaim Your Authentic Voice & Reconnect with Your Personal Power 

As a little girl, did you believe you could speak out? As a woman, is it time to reclaim your authentic voice?  

In this workshop, you’ll have an opportunity to yourself permission to be the mistress of your own voice.    

Maureen’s commitment to becoming a coach, with a focus on self-care & stress mastery, was borne from her own experience struggling to reconnect with her personal power & align with her authentic ways that are inspiring, inclusive & invigorating.      

From corporations to the upper echelons of government, women are regularly interrupted, talked over or misperceived when they speak. Whether due to voice issues or for other reasons, women are interrupted significantly more often than men, according to more than four decades’ worth of research.  

So, the journey lies with you to shift your expectations & experiment outside your comfort zone to be heard...reclaiming your authentic voice & reconnecting with your personal power. Maureen’s workshop is the beginning of that journey.     

See Maureen's Story BIO on Speaker page.
Physical Health
Day 2 on Sept. 24th

Are You on Diet Overload?

Honestly, how many diets have you been on in your life, under 5, 6-10, too many to count? What’s your diet story?

Bobbi will demonstrate why a diet doesn’t work for 3 main reasons...
  • It’s an external solution to an internal problem
  • It begins from a place of fear & not enough
  • It encourages resistance & pain
We all long to experience feeling thin, slim, lean, fit...enough. We can’t achieve this feeling from the outside in, which is what is happening when we diet. Everything that’s sustainable is so because we have an internal connection to it that comes from a deeper place within us of self-love & self-acceptance.

Bobbi is an inspiring, authentic truth-teller. She’ll share groundbreaking solutions around what the multi-billion-dollar diet industry doesn’t want you to know. 

Discover the power within you to choose a healthy, fit, diet-free & abundant life.

See Bobbi's Story BIO on Speaker page.

What Would You Achieve if You had Vibrant Energy? 

In this high-energy workshop, you’ll discover Shawna’s 10 energy zappers & 10 solutions to a more vibrant life today!
  • Sitting 
  • ​Spirit-drained
  • ​Stress
  • ​Hormones
  • ​Insufficient sleep 
  • ​Not enough hydration
  • ​Not eating nutritionally
  • ​Feeling stuck
  • ​Fatigue 
  • ​Fear of the unknown
In this workshop, Shawna will guide you through each energy-zapper & share practical, encouraging solutions to overcome feeling stuck, fatigued & access the vibrant woman you were designed to be.

See Shawna's Story BIO on Speaker page.

Are You Ready to Live Your True Passion & Purpose? 

Keeping it all Together Through the ‘Change’

Not your typical journey
Imagine going on a journey. But on this journey you didn’t really know where you were going, how long it would take you to get there, or what resources you needed on the way. At some point in this experience, you realize you changed, you’re a different woman. Your tolerance has decreased, your need to find meaning in your life has increased & your spirit is speaking louder. 

Dr. Arianna is a speaker, mid-life coach & best-selling author of The Menopause Myth: What your mother, doctor, and friends haven’t shared with you about life after 35.  

She has devoted the second half of her career to helping women navigate their journey to & through menopause. Her passion to educate women has grown from her own self-discovery that even as a gynecologist, she was completely unprepared for the change.  

Dr. Ariana’s workshop will take you on what she calls a juicy journey to possess the necessary tools to keep it all together through the change. This is an opportunity to better understand & navigate your mind & body so you can begin to genuinely live in your true passion & purpose. This is your time!

See Dr. Ariana's Story BIO on Speaker page.

Is Your Mind, Body & Spirit in Balance?

Linda Benn, a Wellness Alchemist from Australia, introduces the BENN Method™ to our Summit stage. BENN=Balance, Energy, Nurture & Nourish. It is a holistic outlook incorporating the 5R Renewal Program which is a 5-Step process to connect you to your true authentic healthy mind/body/spirit (whole).

The purpose of the practice is to align your mind, body & spirit to empower you to take charge of your own health by healing your own body of illness or imbalances. During the Pandemic, we learned how critical it is to maintain our health & balance protecting us from viruses & dis-ease.  

The BENN Method™ will help you renew your life to overcome obstacles & blocks stopping you from being the magnificent woman you were meant to be.  

The 5R Renewal Program stands for... 
  • Release
  • ​Realign
  • ​Restore
  • ​Rebalance
  • ​Re-energize
It’s a mind/body do-over. Linda will be presenting her amazing material from Australia to the Summit stage.

See Linda's Story BIO on Speaker page.

What Choices Will You Make at the Fork in Your Road of Life? 

From Child-Bearing to Menopause & Beyond

Living Consciously is being aware of the health choices you make that impact how you live out your later years.   

As women in child-bearing years, we’re looking into the future with anticipation & a positive outlook. As we age, the choices we made as young women will either haunt & plague us with dis-ease or energize us to keep thriving...despite our age.  

Lynn is an engaging storyteller & she has the functional medical knowledge & expertise to guide you in your quest to design your thriving & vibrant life.  

Her many accomplishments include a Master of Science in Nursing at UCLA in Family Practice & Board Certified as an Anti-Aging Health Practitioner. She also has extensive experience in bio-identical hormone replacement & pharmaceutical grade supplements & herbal therapy. 

You’ll be inspired & intrigued by Lynn’s positive mindset despite some of the tragic circumstances surrounding her life. After this workshop, you’ll be motivated to choose wisely on how to take care of your own mind & body...beginning now.   

See Lynn’s Story BIO on Speaker page 
Relationship Health
Day 3 on Sept. 25th 

What is a Boundary? 

6 Strategies to Ward Off Bullies, Bad Bosses & Energy Vampires & Reclaim Your Personal Power

Personal boundaries are guidelines, rules, or limits that a woman creates to identify reasonable, safe & permissible ways for other people to behave towards her & how she will respond when someone crosses those limits.

In this exclusive workshop, Shannon will give you 6 strategies on how to set boundaries in your workplace & your life... 
  • Understanding your values
  • ​Knowing the difference between venting & dumping
  • ​Protecting your time
  • ​Establishing a ‘ZEN’ space
  • ​Setting emotional boundaries
  • ​Elevating your conversations 
This is a relational workshop where you’ll discover how to stand strong for yourself, elevate your conversations with bullies, bad bosses & energy vampires & reclaim your personal power.

See Shannon's Story BIO on Speaker page.

How has Divorce Impacted Your Well-being? 

A Nature-Based Approach to Thriving After Divorce

Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from challenges...with flexibility, spirit & strength. How has divorce impacted your well-being?   

In this workshop, Mindy shares her story of her own hurtful and conflicted divorce experience, the challenges in the aftermath were overwhelming. She understands that bouncing back with self-forgiveness & self-love is the key.   

Her workshop objectives are... 
  • Nurture your seeds of resilience
  • ​Understand nature’s healing benefits
  • ​Explore connecting with nature
  • ​Explore connecting with yourself
  • ​Explore connecting with others in your life
  • ​Create your resilience plan
You’ll go on a journey into life-changing resilience practices to soothe your soul & bring you back to what really matters.

If you are going through divorce or you’re in the aftermath of a difficult divorce, this is the workshop for you. Commit to a future of peace & prosperity despite your challenges in this moment.   

See Mindy's Story BIO on Speaker page.

Are You Juggling Kids, Career & Life Without Self-Care? 

Patty has been working with children for more than 20 years. About 6 years ago her 7-year-old daughter was struggling. After a lot of sleepless nights, research & many grueling hours of evaluations, they found out she had visual & auditory processing disorders. In Patty’s many years as an educator, her training & experience became personal. She was on a search for the right treatment so her daughter could thrive.

Her own journey gave her the experience to empower & educate other parents, help navigate complicated educational systems & give them hope & access to services. A challenging chapter in her own life became a springboard to support other families struggling with their child’s learning & behavior disorders.  

Are you juggling kids, career & life without any self-care? If you identify with any of it, this is the workshop for you.  

You’ll Discover 7 Strategies that Help Busy Moms THRIVE...  
  • Successfully creating structure
  • ​Boosting sleep
  • ​Enjoying healthy foods that heal
  • ​Reducing electronics
  • ​Planning fun family time
  • ​Scheduling alone time
  • ​ASKING for support   
See Patty's Story BIO on Speaker page.
Financial Health
Day 4 on Sept. 26th

Is Your Brain on Autopilot?

Becoming your own Brain Boss is your best path to RESULTS. In this workshop, you’ll discover the 2 most important skills in adapting to today’s rapidly changing environment.  

According to research conducted by MIT, the human brain can process entire images that the eye sees for as little as 13 milliseconds (0.013 seconds) the blink of an eye.  

In her ground-breaking workshop, Patrice will clarify how your brain is the missing piece between achieving what you’re worth or sabotaging yourself.  

The Brain Boss Blueprint for Women™ combines neuroscience & the body-mind connection. It’s the difference between your brain staying on autopilot or you taking charge of what you think, see, say & feel. Awareness of what’s going on in your brain is the key to mastering your emotions & overriding your brain’s default state of fear & negativity.

Managing your brain & the thoughts & feelings within is the most critical thing you’ll ever do to create a thriving life. This is not taught in school, but you can learn it right here in this workshop today. What you do now could lead you to a life of empowerment, freedom & prosperity.   

See Patrice’s Story BIO on Speaker page.  

How Excited Would You be if You Got Your Dream Job?

The Value of Career Interview Coaching with Eilish McKeown, MCC & her Client, Laura McNally

In this interview, Laura will share how she landed her dream job in nursing because of her successful interview coaching with her Master Coach, Eilish.  

You’ll learn the intricacies of interviewing to get the best possible results to land the job of your dreams. The coaching process can make the difference between success & failure. 

Many of you are going through transition in 2020. Consider putting the odds in your favor by getting coached before interviewing, for encouragement, support & skill-building. It’s that critical!  

Bobbi DiClaudio, Certified Health & Life Coach will be hosting the interview between Eilish & Laura where you’ll discover many of the benefits of Competency-Based Interview Coaching.    

See Eilish’s & Bobbi’s Story BIO on Speaker Page

Do You Want to be at the Top of Your Game?

Strategies for an Engaged, Productive Enterprise 

Christine is a certified Core Values Index (CVI) Coach with Taylor Protocols. The CVI is a hiring tool that precisely matches the motivational drivers of candidates with the core responsibilities of a job. You’ll optimize your business success using core values to build the right team to support the growth of the company you work for, your own enterprise, initiative, or new venture.

How do you achieve being at the top of your game? That’s a question every corporate leader or business owner should ask themselves. Women lead differently then men & the more you learn how to sustain your core values, choose the right people for the position on your team, based on their core values, the more engaged & productive they will be to support you in achieving extraordinary results. 

In this workshop, you’ll discover how to... 
  • Develop & embrace your own core values
  • ​Understand & work with the core values of each team member 
  • ​Avoid conflict  
  • ​Stop doing what’s not working
See Christine’s BIO on Speaker page

Do Women See Prosperity Differently Than Men? 

This interview with David Krueger, MD & Executive Mentor Coach is hosted by Renee Dineen, a TedX Speaker, Organizational Psychologist & High-Performance Leadership Coach.

Through their conversation, women will begin to discover how to apply neuroscience to create essential transformations in their prosperity mindsets, mindsets that will take their lives to the next level! 

Dr. Krueger & Renee will have an informative & lively discussion where you will discover... 
  • How mindsets activate or hinder prosperity
  • ​How to transform your own prosperity mindset if needed
  • ​How to take advantage of your brain’s neuroplasticity 
  • ​What it means to ‘unlearn’ so you can relearn or learn anew
  • ​The important difference between playing to win vs playing not to lose
Dr. Krueger & Renee will discuss powerful discoveries rooted in Neuroscience on how changing your mind can change your brain to embrace prosperity.   

In this Summit, prosperity is defined as embracing a healthy, meaningful & thriving life. The key word is embracing. It asserts we willingly & enthusiastically accept and support the idea of prospering in all areas of life.     

See David's Story BIO on Speaker page.

Are You Confident About Your Future Financial Security? 

Living Boldly: Rebuilding Your Confidence to Transform Your Finances  

What does Living Boldly mean? It means resetting your mindset, releasing yourself of limiting beliefs (old story) & creating a new thriving life story. Why not you?  

In this workshop, specifically designed for the Summit, Gloria, our Summit Producer, will guide you to explore the 5-R Essentials to living boldly, dreaming BIG, transforming your relationship with money...      
  • Reset Your Mindset (Shift)
  • ​Release Your Old Beliefs (Letting go as needed)
  • ​Redefine Your Goals & Aspirations (Discover your WHY)
  • ​Refocus Your Energy (To create a new thriving life story)
  • ​Recalibrate (Forgive yourself & start again as needed)
This workshop is dynamic & bold. It’s an opportunity for you to rebuild your confidence, get unstuck to explore & realize a new abundant secure future. 

This quote is from a book I coauthored, RE-The Wisdom in Rethinking Your Life!  

We are either driven by our circumstances or open to change & opportunity!

Stay open to the opportunity; shifting your mindset is just a decision away. Every participant will be asked to have completed the Money Mindset Quiz™ before start of this workshop.   
See Gloria's Story BIO on Speaker page.

Do You Need to
Power-Up Your Communication? 

A Conversational Blueprint for Women: Communicate with Confidence

This Workshop is designed for you to learn to effectively transform your communications in career, business & life with confidence. You’ll discover how to open-up conversations that build trust, release your fears of perceived conflict & experience the freedom to use your words in an empowering way.  

Your conversations & way of being can be a catalyst for success or failure in all areas of your life. Does it make sense to participate in a workshop that can help you elevate your conversations...all within one hour?    

Gloria Manchester, ICF-ACC, Summit Producer is a certified coach in Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ)®. She will demonstrate in this workshop on the Summit Stage that everything happens in conversation! 

You’ll discover how to create your own Blueprint for Conversational Intelligence® that works for you, personally & professionally.

In this virtual age, where conversations are relegated to a text, email, or video call, we need to learn to use our words & energy behind the words, in a way that expresses our true inner thoughts & feelings to one another to strengthen relationships & mutual success. 

See Gloria's Story BIO on Speaker page
Day 5 on Sept. 27th

Can You Afford Not to Take a Micro-Mindful Moment for Yourself?

What happens to your body when you’re in a constant cycle of being under pressure? 

Your brain produces cortisol, which is the threat hormone. When under constant stress, the alarm button stays on? It can derail your body's most important functions, which can lead to a number of health problems, including anxiety & depression.   

2020 has been a year of turmoil, tension & transition. Many of us are living in a completely different reality. This requires a regular practice of slowing down to calm the chaos. Practicing mindfulness is an integral part of self-care. Neuroscience has extensively researched the benefits of mindfulness & found it to be a key element in reducing stress & promoting overall wellbeing.   

Practicing MM&M is defined as a... 
  • Micro moment of
  • Intentional
  • Concentration to
  • Recognize &
  • Observe your thoughts, feelings & sensations
Rose’s workshop will be featured live Day 5 on the Summit stage. As a participant you’ll receive her Prosperity Mindfulness Visualization for download to elevate your prosperity mindset whenever & wherever you choose.  

See Rose’s Story BIO on Speaker page

What Images in Your Mind Could Elevate Your Life?  

This workshop is for coaches to share with their clients, or for any woman who wants to draw from the images in her manifest her goals & aspirations. When coaches mirror & mine for metaphors with their clients, it deepens the coaching experience to clear a pathway for receiving prosperity.  

Each participant will receive Janet’s Visualization/Meditation to Clear Chakras & Attract Greater Prosperity.   

Images have always been a part of the human experience. All our experiences are encapsulated within the images in our minds. Images precede our language. Metaphors are visual images that we hold in our cognitive awareness which arise from deep in our subconscious minds.  

“Change but your mind on what you want to see, and all the world must change accordingly.” - A Course in Miracles  

You’ll discover...
  • In the blink of an eye you activate the neurons in your brain
  • ​What’s possible when you use the power of images in your creative mind
  • ​Powerful tools of imagery, symbols & metaphors to apply its wisdom to your life
We are thankful Janet has brought this concept to the Summit stage for all women to discover the power in their creative minds. This workshop will be available on Day 5 where we’ll be celebrating creativity & community.
See Janet’s Story BIO on Speaker page

Are You a Coach Who Wants to Build an Online Presence? 

Increase Your Influence, Impact & Income with The Course Launchpad™

Malia Monaco, ICF-ACC, Online Offering Strategist
& a host on LEAP to Prosperity Virtual FREE Summit for Women™ has her own workshop on the Summit Stage in the Coach's Corner on Day 5. She will demonstrate how you can increase your influence, impact & income... by developing & marketing an online offering.

Malia developed the platform for this Summit. She has expert technical skills & she’s a coach. She’ll present the opportunities to build any of the following:
  • An evergreen online course with modules (build it once & sell it over & over)
  • ​A virtual workshop such as those being presented on the Summit Stage  
  • ​A group coaching masterclass on ZOOM
There’s an art to everything Malia produces. The consequences of 2020 have transformed the use of virtual learning, experiencing & sharing. It’s been a ground-breaking series of events leading to what we can now create virtually. 

If you're a coach, take advantage of Malia’s expertise & facilitation skills.   

See Malia’s Story BIO on Speaker page

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